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  • ​Each program is a full, follow along program with dry fire and live fire drills and instructionals.
  • Each instructional teaches technique in detail you have never seen before.
  • Membership includes a weekly Q&A with Mike Seeklander, which is invaluable to those seeking help.  
  • ​Access is seamless on Phone, Tablet, or Computer.
 Sample Some of the Membership Content:
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Introduction To Competitive Shooting
USPSA Mastery Training Program
IDPA Mastery Training Program
Pistol Caliber Carbine Training
Stage Breakdown Video Sessions
Mindset - Skillset - Strategy
The American Competitive Shooter Society's sole purpose is to allow you to learn and grow every aspect of your competitive shooting training in easy to swallow parts with actionable steps for you to practice at home and at the range so that you can have the confidence that you can improve your shooting skills and WIN MORE MATCHES.
PLUS the training videos also cover mindset and mental preparation, going over gear, accessories, enhancements and more!
In addition, Mike discusses techniques other students are having trouble with, the best ways to train for specific events and stages, how to best spend your time training, how to stay motivated & inspired, how to get more results faster & easier, and so much more.
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Why Choose The American Competitive Shooter Society:

From: Mike Seeklander, Sponsored & Nationally Ranked Shooter

I'm a Federally Certified Firearms Instructor and over my career I've been the lead firearms instructor and have developed courses for the Federal Air Marshall Service, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Charleston, S.C. and at the U.S. Shooting Academy in Tulsa, OK.
Dear Current / Future Competitive Shooter:
If you're reading this, you most likely understand the value and need for ongoing education in everything in life if you want to constantly improve and grow...especially when it comes to shooting skills!
You may even be coming up short after spending a lot of your free time trying to find the shooting information you're looking for on YouTube and other free sites and are ready to find a competitive shooting educational resource to invest in.
While there are numerous premium online gun training websites out there, some with good material, most do not address the "how to train" question and none of them have Step-By-Step Training Programs for USPSA, IDPA, PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) and New Shooters Who Have NEVER Competed Before. 
The American Competitive Shooter Society is different, and includes full training programs complete with training drills and schedules with easy to follow instructions for building up ALL your competitive shooting skills and helping you start shooting competitively with confidence if you haven't competed before!
AND you can TRUST the information I'm sharing with you because I created these programs initially for myself to succeed in the competitive shooting circuits. I shadowed the best shooters for years to find out what they did that made them the best... and I compiled everything together in a systematic plan for me to improve...
Fast forward to today, I'm a Sponsored Shooter with Team Wilson Combat and currently a nationally-ranked competitor on the practical handgun competition circuit with my most recent Win as the 2018 IDPA National Champion in the Enhanced Service Pistol (ESP) Division and Overall Score.
With hard work and dedication I have become the competitive shooter I aimed to be all those years ago. The only true way of getting better at something is spending time working at it and even with a step-by-step plan to success, if you're not willing to put in the time to make yourself won't get better.
Thanks to the programs I made and followed, here are some of my other shooting accomplishments:
     • 2018 and 2019 IDPA National and World Champion
     • 2013 and 2014 IDPA BUG (Back up Gun) National Champion
     • 2011 Steel Challenge World Champion (production division)
     • 2007 European Championships (2nd overall)
     • USPSA National Championships (top 5 overall numerous times)
     • Area Championship wins: Area 7, Area 4, Area 1 (USPSA)
     • Multiple State Championships
All the handgun training programs, guides, drills and everything else I worked on to win these competitions are inside the American Competitive Shooter Society for you to work on. I don't have the natural ability and have had to work hard for everything I've accomplished - and the same will be for you if you're serious about improving your shooting skills and getting results.
          • Gun Selection and Modification
          • Planning/Goal Setting Concepts
          • A Full Mental Training Routine
          • Physical Fitness Guidelines
          • Firearm Training Drills (including a full week by week training program)
          • A Vision training section
          • And much more!
Each Program Below is Included in Your Membership
Introduction To Competitive Shooting
Are you looking to improve your marksmanship skills?
Have you been looking for a way to increase your gun manipulation skills?
Do you have the confidence that you will perform your best under stress and pressure defensively?
Competition shooting has the ability to help you in all these areas WHILE you get to have fun shooting at the same time!
The impact of competition shooting while having a defensive mindset can be extremely beneficial. It will help you understand how the adrenaline rushes through your body and what you will need to do if you need to use your weapon in real life.
But the competition world is very intimidating and there really isn't much information easily available about how to get into competition shooting and what you need in your matches!
Watch this video to learn more about what to expect in this Introduction to Competitive Shooting Training Program:
What Will This Course Do For You?
1) It's going to improve your marksmanship skills, at speed and under some stress and pressure
Believe me, when you shoot your first stages you're going to feel your heart rate go up!
2) It's going to increase your manipulation skills with your firearm. 
3) It's going to introduce you to people that are better than you
Think about that. Everyone knows that competing makes you better. So all of those things are positive for you, irregardless of why, or how you use a firearm. 
What You'll Get:
1) Simple, down to earth and easy to understand video series
2) Includes some great live-fire drills that you could do dry-fire as well, including the technique behind the drills
3) Everything you're going to need to know to get started at your first match.
     - Complete Overview Of Different Shooting Sports
     - Gear Used In Each Sport
     - Gripping The Handgun
     - Trigger / Sight Management & Target Acquisition
     - The Draw Process
     - Reloading
     - Pivoting / Stepping & Drawing
     - Preparing For Your First Match
     - Competition Shooting Skills Test
USPSA Mastery Training Program
As a complete training program designed for the practical shooter, this course will give you a complete and functional training program designed to introduce and dramatically increase skills needed to perform your best in practical handgun competitions. No matter where you are in your skill level, this program will take you higher. Dozens of competitive shooters have used this program to win their class, division, or regional titles! 
Only you can ultimately guarantee your success with consistent hard work, but this program will give you a clear path to follow on the road to that success. I expect you may jump one or more classes at least if you complete this program from start to finish, and most of you will reach the upper classes (Master or Grandmaster) of the USPSA or IDPA classifications if you follow it for a year or more
The biggest obstacle to most people reaching their shooting goals is the lack of a definitive plan. This book and the program contained inside it has done the work of creating a plan for you. If you are a shooting athlete in the practical shooting circuit (consisting of IDPA, USPSA, or specialty sports like Steel Challenge and NRA Bianchi), this book will give you a solid training program to follow for the shooting season. 
This program is equally effective for either IDPA or USPSA and will also help you succeed in the specialty sports. When creating this program, I knew that it would be used by athletes that specialized in USPSA, as well as IDPA (and maybe the specialty sports too). Therefore, I designed it to work just as efficiently for each sport. 
The key to success in any sport is performing the techniques required to win on demand. The athletes winning USPSA are the same ones winning IDPA. The commonality is in the shooting. 
The training drills you will do with this program are designed as dual-use drills. You will modify them slightly when you decide to use them for another sport like IDPA, by simply putting on a cover garment or adding a piece of simulated cover to work around. I will expand more after you sign up!
I design my programs for an entire season and break down the season into post-, pre-and during-season areas. This allows the athlete to go through cycles where they are focusing on key components that need to be done to succeed, all of which are not necessarily (shooting) training. 
Preparation is much deeper than just going to the range to practice, and this program will take you through all phases of preparation, including gear selection and preparation. 
The program is a year in length, as I will address and assign you things to do in your off season. The live fire (in season) training cycle will be sixteen (16) weeks in length. I will also give you some tips on maintaining your skills after you have finished the 16 week cycle. 
I recommend that you set yourself a target date so that you can finalize your 16-week program a month or more before the biggest match you plan to shoot in the season. This will allow you to modify and fine-tune your skills, so that you peak and are at your best during that big match.
This comprehensive program that contains:
          • Planning/Goal Setting Concepts
          • A Full Mental Training Routine
          • Firearm Training Drills (including a full week by week training program)
          • Daily Training Plans
          • Monthly Training Matrix
          • Training Log Sheets
          • Visual Training Sessions
          • Physical Fitness Guidelines
          • Game Day Quizzes (Matches)
          • Yearly Plan
          • (3 PDF's) Your Competition Handgun Training Program, Training Logbook, Your Competition Handgun Training Drills
          • And more!
IDPA Mastery Training Program
Action Shooter - IDPA Mastery is a 6-Week, 25-Session online program consisting of physical and firearms fitness training. 
This exclusive program includes goal setting, firearms training (instructional and drills), mental training, technical training (technique), and a complete physical fitness program designed for the practical and defensive shooter.
This is by far the best training program you will find that will get you to your next level in IDPA. It is the ONLY program you'll find that takes this in-depth of a systematic approach to improving your skills. There is nothing else on the market like it! 
Watch this video to learn more about what to expect inside the IDPA Mastery Training Program:
What To Expect Inside The IDPA Mastery Training Program:
Downloadable Access - Be able to easily watch at home or download and take to the gym or range with you on your phone or tablet.
Session by Session Breakdown - No guessing or wondering what to do next. This program will guide you through your training step by step! 
Firearms Training Drills - A unique set of drills that flow from DRY fire to Live fire drills that are set up in a unique order to allow for a majority of your training to take place in the comfort of your home. Each drill is shown in complete detail, and each one has a downloadable drill sheet for you to print! 
Comprehensive Fitness Program - A HUGE key to performing at your best is your physical fitness, and for the first time ever we are offering a complete fitness program. This program requires almost ZERO equipment and can be done anywhere! 
Mental Section - Without the proper mindset, accomplishing your goals is very difficult. This program has a complete mental section and tools to help you achieve your best. 
Access to the Expert - This program is unique in that you will be able to access a secret closed Facebook group AND have a members only email access to ask me questions. 
Pistol Caliber Carbine Training Program
Pistol-caliber carbines are one of the hottest kinds of guns on the market right now. They’re fun, easy to shoot, cheap to feed, and versatile.
In addition to being enjoyable to play with on the range, PCCs are also becoming popular for more serious play in competition. It's only going to get more and more popular...and with it being so new I want to help you get ahead of your competition!
The Pistol Caliber Carbine Training Program is a 6-Week online program consisting of physical and firearms fitness training
This is by far the best training program you will find that will get you to your next level in IDPA / USPSA Pistol Caliber Carbine divisions and is the ONLY program you'll find that takes a systematic approach to improving your skills.
Watch this video to learn more about what to expect inside this training program:
Your Program Will Consist Of:
Fitness Training: 3 Workouts Per Week
     • Workouts focus on Strength Endurance, Work Capacity + Core and Aerobic Conditioning
     • Workouts will start at 30 minutes and progress to 45 minutes by the end of the program
Firearms Training: 3 Dry Fire Training Sessions Plus 1 Live Fire Training Session Per Week
     • Week 1: Sight and Trigger Management, Switching Shoulders and Transitions / Acquisitions
     • Week 2: Reloads, Malfunctions, Shooting Stance, Shooting Balance
     • Week 3: Short and Long Movements
     • Week 4: Shooting and Moving: Forward, Backwards and Multi-Directional
     • Week 5: Kneeling and Multi-Positions
     • Week 6: Mental Skills and Working On Weakest Skills
You'll also have a Pre and Post-Assessment to track your improvements over the 6-week program!
So, are you ready to play? Whether you’re a seasoned competitor, looking for a way to dip your toe in with a brand new sport or division where everyone is on a learning curve, or just want to practice with your shiny new home-defense PCC, pistol-caliber carbine competition might be for you. 
ZOOM Video Interactive Group Coaching Calls
I do live streams in a Private Zoom Video Call for American Warrior Society Members 2-4 times per month. On these streams, I'm able to give members control of the camera so YOU can show me how you're performing that drill or technique and I can critique you in REAL TIME! This is the absolute closest you can get to in-person training without having leave your home!
I also answer any other questions people have face to face, which we've found helps more than just a one-sided conversation like on Facebook Live.
Pretty cool...right!? I haven't seen any other instructors or websites doing something like this!
Stage Breakdown / Technique Application Section
In the Stage Breakdown Section, you'll watch me run various stages in slow motion with me explaining exactly what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. The goal is that this section will help bridge the gap between the training drills you are doing in your program and the application of those skills in real time/speed. Watch them again and again and learn how to apply your hard earned skills on a real stage! 
Check out what one of these Stage Breakdown Sessions looks like: Shooting Pace and Fundamentals
Mindset - Skillset - Strategy Section
This new section, Mindset - Skillset - Strategy, is all about new content that will stimulate your thought process and help you become a better competitor. It is designed to compliment the training programs you might be following, and add to them in many ways. Most of the material comes directly from students requests: you asked, and we answered! I hope you enjoy.
Watch The Video Below To Learn More About What To Expect Out Of This Section:
Coolfire Basic Handgun Training Series
CoolFire Trainer asked me to do a 10-Part New Shooter series for them using their CoolFire Trainer, which is the #1 dryfire tool that will help increase your skills without having to spend money on ammo! If you watched the Facebook Live Stream sample video you probably noticed the recoil my gun does...thats the CoolFire Trainer! In this series, we'll cover your Grip, Trigger Management, Sight Management, Your Draw (Concealed & Unconcealed), Reloading, Shooting One-Handed and How To Clear Malfunctions!
Members Only Facebook Group
This is where you'll get to connect and chat with the rest of the American Competitive Shooter Society Members. Introduce yourself, ask questions, get feedback - when you're a Member of the ACSS you have a community behind you wanting to help you out!
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As an American Competitive Shooter Society, you'll get 15% OFF All Training Books, DVDs and ACSS Store Gear
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