What is the Pistol Caliber Carbine program?

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A Preview Of What Is Inside This Pistol Caliber Carbine Training Program:
This pistol caliber carbine training program comes complete with 58 training videos broken down into 23 sessions to build up your shooting and fitness skills at the same time. 
Check Out All The Skills You'll Work On In This Course:
• Sight Management
• Trigger Management
• Switching Shoulders
• Target Acquisitions
• Target Transitions
• Reloading
• Malfunctions
• Shooting Stance
• Shooting Balance
• Short Movements
• Long Movements
• Standing Techniques
• Kneeling / Squatting Techniques
• Shooting & Moving Forwards
• Shooting & Moving Backwards
• Shooting & Moving Multi-Directional
• Kneeling from Multiple Positions
• Mental Training
• Aerobic Conditioning
• Work Capacity & Core
• Strength Endurance

What People Are Saying About This Program:
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Step 1) Tell Us Where To Send Your Login Details:
Normally $127 :: Today Only $47
Dear Competitor,
Pistol-caliber carbines are one of the hottest kinds of guns on the market right now. They’re fun, easy to shoot, cheap to feed, and versatile.
In addition to being enjoyable to play with on the range, PCCs are also becoming popular for more serious play in competition.
It's only going to get more and more popular...and with it being so new I want to help you get ahead of your competition!
The Pistol Caliber Carbine Training Program is a 6-Week online program consisting of physical and firearms fitness training. This is by far the best training program you will find that will get you to your next level in IDPA and USPSA Pistol Caliber Carbine divisions. It is the ONLY program you'll find that takes a systematic approach to improving your skills.
Your program will consist of:
Fitness Training: 3 Workouts Per Week
     • Workouts focus on Strength Endurance, Work Capacity + Core and Aerobic Conditioning
     • Workouts will start at 30 minutes and progress to 45 minutes by the end of the program
Firearms Training: 3 Dry Fire Training Sessions Plus 1 Live Fire Training Session Per Week
     • Week 1: Sight and Trigger Management, Switching Shoulders and Transitions / Acquisitions
     • Week 2: Reloads, Malfunctions, Shooting Stance, Shooting Balance
     • Week 3: Short and Long Movements
     • Week 4: Shooting and Moving: Forward, Backwards and Multi-Directional
     • Week 5: Kneeling and Multi-Positions
     • Week 6: Mental Skills and Working On Weakest Skills
So, are you ready to play? Whether you’re a seasoned competitor, looking for a way to dip your toe in with a brand new sport or division where everyone is on a learning curve, or just want to practice with your shiny new home-defense PCC, pistol-caliber carbine competition might be for you. 
One thing I need to point out though is that you must put in the work to see the results. I am not making overnight promises but if you follow this 6-Week program, you will become a better shooter and win more matches.
Session 1: StrengthEndurance
Session 2: Work Capacity +Core
Session 3: AerobicConditioning
Session 4: Rest / Recover
Session 5: StrengthEndurance
Session 6: Work Capacity +Core
Session 7: AerobicConditioning
Session 8: Rest / Recover
Session 9: StrengthEndurance
Session 10: Work Capacity +Core
Session 11: AerobicConditioning
Session 12: Rest / Recover
Session 13: StrengthEndurance
Session 14: Work Capacity +Core
Session 15: AerobicConditioning
Session 16: Rest / Recover
Session 17: StrengthEndurance
Session 18: Work Capacity +Core
Session 19: AerobicConditioning
Session 20: Rest / Recover
Session 21: StrengthEndurance
Session 22: Work Capacity +Core
Session 23: AerobicConditioning
Session 1: Sight and TriggerManagement
Session 2: Bilateral / SwitchingShoulders
Session 3: Transitions /Acquisitions
Session 4: Live Fire Drills From Sessions 1-3
Session 5: Manipulations (Reloads,malfunctions)
Session 6: Shooting Around A Wall(Off Balance)
Session 7: Stance and Mount
Session 8: Live Fire Drills From Sessions 5-7
Session 9: Short Movement
Session 10: Long Movement
Session 11: Bilateral Mount
Session 12: Live Fire Drills From Sessions 9-11
Session 13: ForwardMovement
Session 14: Shooting and Moving
Session 15: Shooting andMoving Multi-Directional
Session 16: Live Fire Drills From Sessions 13-15
Session 17: Kneeling and PronePositions
Session 18: Prone Position
Session 19: Multi-Position Mount
Session 20: Live Fire Drills From Sessions 17-19
Session 21: Mastering theMental Game
Session 22: Weakest Skills 1
Session 23: Weakest Skills 2
Everything You'll Get With The Pistol Caliber Carbine Training Program:
  • Downloadable Access To All 58 Technique, Firearm Drills & Fitness Training Videos ($97 Value) - Take to the gym or range with you on your phone or tablet
  • Members Only Live Video Group Coaching Sessions ($67 Value) where you can ask me questions about anything your having trouble with and I'll also have occasional ZOOM sessions where I'll have you turn on your camera to watch and critique your technique!
  • Downloadable Access To All Current & Future PCC Live Training Session Replays ($37+ Value)
  • PDF of ALL Dry & Live Fire Drills ($17 Value)
  • PDF of EVERY Fitness Workout ($17 Value)
  • Training Log PDF To Keep Track Of Your Improvements ($17 Value)
  • PDF of Sample Training Schedules Based On How Much Time You Have Daily To Train ($7 Value)
  • BONUS Visual Training System PDF that addresses developing your visual skills to the next level. The faster you can see, the faster you can recognize and shoot ($17 Value)
  • Shooting Performance Members Only Private Facebook Group (Priceless)
That's $969 in PCC Training Tools AND when you CLAIM your copy of Pistol Caliber Carbine Training Program TODAY, I'll give you this additional $91 in BONUS TRAINING for FREE!
New Shooter CoolFire Trainer Handgun 10-Part Video Series
$37 Value
ALL top shooters supplement live fire training with dryfire because they can do it anywhere and still keep their skills sharp. This will help you make the most of your at home dryfire training. 
Stage Breakdown Video Series
$27 Value
This will help you understand what's going on in my head when I'm going through a stage so you can start thinking differently and becoming more aware of everything involved with successfully completing stages.
Competition Shooting Technique Primer PDF
$27 Value
This covers:
     - The Firing Cycle
     - Trigger Management
     - Grip Management / Recoil Control
     - Reloading Skills including Saved Magazine Loads, Tactical Reload, Unsaved Magazine Loads and Emergency Reloads
     - Shooting On The Move
     - Pivoting And Stepping
     - Target Index Points
     - Principles of All Activator Type Targets like Swingers, Sliders, Bobbers, Clam Shells and Drop-Turners
That's $833 In Competitive Shooting Training!
Normally this program retails for $127, but when you act today you can claim your copy of the Pistol Caliber Carbine Training Program for ONLY $47!
With the Pistol Caliber Carbine Training Program, you'll have lifetime access to over 3 hours of video training that you can go back to and review at anytime PLUS you can ask me questions throughout the season in the PRIVATE Facebook group and on future live streams I'll be doing throughout the season!
MY GUARANTEE TO YOU: I'm so confident that this course will get you reaching your competition pistol caliber carbine goals faster than any other program out there, I'm ALSO giving you a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee! That's right, if after the first 60-Days of following the program you aren't faster, more accurate and more confident with your competitive shooting skills, send me an email and I'll give you a no-questions-asked refund. 
Pick Up Your Competition Rifle: Pistol Caliber Carbine Training Program Today!
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