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A Preview Of What Is Inside Your Defensive Handgun Training Program:
Technical Instruction Videos

Dry Fire Drills: 
Stationary Draw
Live Fire Drill: 
Pivoting Draw
Check Out All The Skills You'll Work On:
• Fighting Stance
• Trigger Management
• Controlled Pull
• Accelerated Pull
• Scan Process
• Re-Holstering
• Sight Management
• Drawing Techniques
• Reloading Techniques
• Malfunction Clearing Techniques
• Cover and Concealment Techniques
• Standing Techniques
• Kneeling / Squatting Techniques
• Movement Techniques
• Shooting While Moving Techniques
• One And Two-Handed Recoil Control & Gripping Methods
• One-Handed Survival Firearm Manipulation Techniques
• Close and Extreme Close Quarters Handgun Combative Techniques
• Reduced Light / Flashlight Techniques
• Searching / Engaging Processes
• Shooting Positions
• Night Sight Techniques
• Target Acquisition and Multiple Threats
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OFFER RECAP: This power program bundle will show you the concepts, routines and drills necessary to win the gunfight... You'll get a 300+ Page Program Manual, Drills Book, Training Logbook & 29 Instructional Videos AND these 3 Personal Defense Bonuses Courses with over 2 hours of additional handgun training when you order today including:
     - BONUS #1: New Shooter CoolFire Trainer Handgun 10-Part Video Series
     - BONUS #2: Home Defense - Search & Clearing
     - BONUS #3: Vehicle Defense Tactics
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Your Defensive Handgun Training Program is a life-long program. While training cycles can be broken down in length, there is no end to a self-defense program unless you want to lose the skills you have worked hard for
In one of the chapters I give you a thorough understanding of how you actually learn, and one of the learning factors for any skill is that it must be trained repetitively and regularly.
I firmly believe that you need to work on these 4 areas every week if you are serious and really want to increase your skill:
I strongly suggest you read this entire book before beginning the program. This will give you an overview of the entire system (I call this a systematic approach to training), which includes the mental, physical, technical and legal aspects of training for the defensive use of a firearm.
Why You Can Trust I Know What I'm Talking About & Teaching

From: Mike Seeklander, Professional Firearms Instructor

Former U.S. Marine, Federal Air Marshall, Police Office and Federal firearms instructor, Co-Host of The Best Defense T.V. Show on the Outdoor Channel
Dear Defensive Shooter, Warrior, Defender:
My book, Your Defensive Handgun Training Program is a cutting edged functional training program designed to develop the skills needed to survive a high stress encounter while using the most commonly carried weapon system in the U.S., the handgun. If you are armed and carry a handgun daily (CCW holders, Law Enforcement Officers, etc.), get the tools to prepare yourself for the fight of your life. This book is your answer!  
While there are numerous "tactical" handgun books out there, some with good material, most do not address the "how to train" question. This book is different, and includes a full training program including training trills and a schedule to follow. The techniques in this book can be applied to any type of handgun, so no matter what you carry, this program is for you!  
Training drills or technique alone do not address the complex needs of someone during a high stress encounter where lethal force might be needed, and this book contains an entire program dedicated to all aspects of training for a fight.  
          • Carry Gun Selection and Modification
          • Legal Considerations 
          • Mental Preparation
          • Physical Preparation
          • Firearm Skills Development
          • Alternate Methods of Training
          • The Training Design Cycle
          • Marksmanship and Manipulation Techniques
          • Close Quarters Techniques
          • Low Light Techniques
          • And much more!
As a professional trainer and shooter, I have spent my entire life training and teaching what I cover in this program. To stay in line with how I teach, I will address you in the first person, as if you're here with me and we're training together. I feel that this is the best way for me to relay information as efficiently as possible.
I tend to focus more on the fundamentals of training than specific techniques themselves. Although this book does contain a section on technique, I promised myself when I started this project that this would not be another “Here is how to do a draw or reload” book. Rather, it is a manual on understanding the concepts of high performance training methods and a complete program to hit your self-defense goals. 
I'll show you how to assess different techniques so you can pick the right ones based on your dynamics and to fit your personal style. What works for me may not work for you, and what works for you now may not work for you in a year from now. Technique is (and always should be) evolutionary.
What's Inside This Defensive Handgun Training Program
(29-Videos, 2.5-Hours)
 11 Dry Fire Drills 
 13 Live Fire Drills
 Your Defensive Handgun Training Program
 Defensive Handgun Training Drills 
 Defensive Handgun Training Logbook
Your Defensive Handgun Training Drills book contains the drills (and only the drills) found in the program in the book. It's a great, condensed version to bring to the range and practice. These drills are designed to teach the shooter the critical skills necessary to excel in practical shooting.

It is meant to be used as a range guide for those that do not want to print the drills, or by shooters that want to use the drills to design their own program. The full training program is recommended for those wishing to really excel.
Your Defensive Handgun Training Logbook is pre-formatted to work directly with the full training program that can be found in the book.  It includes a goal setting and mental program worksheets, dry-fire, live-fire, and skills test log pages as well as the skills test and tracking sheet. Training is the key to your success, but without tracking you lose half of its value. Use this logbook to track your results!
29 Videos
2.5 Hours
11 Dry Fire Drills | 13 Live Fire Drills
Watch This Dry Fire Drill: Stepping Draw Now!
Watch This Live Fire Drill: Shooting & Moving Multi-Directional Now!
This complete Defensive Handgun training system includes Your Defensive Handgun Training Program Book, your Training Drills Book, your Training Logbook, and the 29 video library that will take your skills to the next level!
Your Defensive Handgun Training Program Book is the most in-depth guide on the topic ever created that actually gives you actionable steps to improve your skills.
Chapter1: Introduction&Background
 Introducesyoutotheprogram andmythoughtprocesses
 Helps youunderstandwherethematerial camefrom
Chapter 2: Defining & Understanding Training 
 Introduces you to the concepts and theories of training and how they work
 Teaches you about how you learn
 Gives you principles that a good training program should follow
Chapter 3: Training Design & Execution Cycle
 Defines and clarifies the TDEC (training design and execution) cycle
 Any good training program should be designed with and vetted through this
 Teaches you that training is a cycle that never ends, which allows you to continue to push yourself to the next level
Chapter 4: Legal Preparation for the Fight
Legal preparation is an often overlooked part of the self-­defense puzzle.
 Written by Marty Hayes, founder of Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network, who is an expert in legal matters relating to self-defense with the use of firearms
 Teaches you that training is a cycle that never ends, which allows you to continue to push yourself to the next level
 Incredibly valuable advice that is simple & easy to read through & understand
 Review other concepts of legally carrying a firearm and possibly using it to defend your life
Chapter 5: Selecting and Setting up Guns and Gear
There are many different firearm models to choose from, and as much gear to support them...
 I'll show you how to select and set up guns and gear for combative use
 I will break down what I look for in a firearm, holster, and support related gear in this chapter
Chapter 6: Defensive Handgun Techniques
This section will help you understand the technique and terminology referenced in the drills...
 I will give you some thoughts on how you should go about finding good sources of technique
 I will show you how to evaluate and weed out those information sources that will be a waste of your time and money
 This section is what I know to be the best technique to date and comes from a wide variety of sources and I give credit to instructors where applicable
What People Are Saying On Amazon About Your Defensive Handgun Training Program
Chapter 7: Mental Preparation for the Fight
Not many of us were born with the desire to harm others. Therefore, this chapter will:
 Guide you through the process of mentally preparing yourself for a fight
 Help prepare your mind by breaking down the process of developing skills programs
 Teach you the importance of visualization
 Give you some tools to control your stress levels during a lethal encounter
 Help you mentally connect better to your training
 Help you increase the value of each training repetition you execute
Chapter 8: Physical Preparation for the Fight
This chapter addresses the much overlooked physical fitness aspect of winning a fight. Being physically fit is a huge part of succeeding in any venue, from high level competitive shooting to a gunfight.
Chapter 9: Firearms Skills Training for the Fight
This chapter is largely the “meat and potatoes” of the book, and it addresses:
 How to prepare for a lethal encounter by developing your shooting skills to the highest levels through dry fire and live fire drills
 My experience taking high performance shooting to the next level in the competitive handgun world
 Understanding the differences and similarities using your handgun for combat and competition
Chapter 10: Documentation and Modification of Your Training
I strongly recommend documenting all training sessions. If you are training to win a gunfight, there can never be a state of “good enough” in regards to your training. 
 Shows you how to review, analyze, and modify your training program and drills once you have gone through the training cycle
 Includes a training logbook I developed to address this need
 Shows you how you can and should always push your skill to the next level 
Chapter 8: Physical Preparation for the Fight
I strongly recommend documenting all training sessions. If you are training to win a gunfight, there can never be a state of “good enough” in regards to your training. 
(BONUS Chapter 1) Visual Training System
This chapter addresses developing your visual skills to the next level. The faster you can see, the faster you can recognize and shoot.
(BONUS Chapter 2) The Future of Handgun Sighting Systems
I discuss what I think will be the trend in the future of handgun sights, electronic red dot sights in this chapter.
 Using a red dot sight on handguns will soon be as common as they are on rifles
 I will show you what I have found about this concept through testing and evaluation of a red dot on my handgun
(BONUS Chapter 3) Shooting-­‐Performance Handgun Skills Test
This is a great test to take before you begin the program (if you already have some experience), as well as during your use of my program to measure where you are in terms of skill.
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  • BONUS Handgun Skills Test that is great to take before you begin the program (if you already have some experience), as well as during your use of my program to measure where you are in terms of skill ($7 Value)
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ALL top shooters supplement live fire training with dryfire because they can do it anywhere and still keep their skills sharp. This 10-Part Video Series will show you a new tool that help you make the most of your at home dryfire training and will make you a better shooter faster. 
Home Defense - Search & Clearing
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This essential program will show you room search & clearing principles for one person and with a 2 person team along with low light search and movement techniques
Vehicle Defense Tactics
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This essential program will show you how to use the inside and outside of your car to your advantage, how to fight and shoot from inside and outside your vehicle, how to choose the right weapon for your vehicle and how to exit your car under fire
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"I am only aware of one book that is a collection of practical defensive shooting skills, the concepts that underlie them and a clear methodology for developing them. Luckily for you, you are holding it." - Rob Pincus, I.C.E. Training Company
MY GUARANTEE TO YOU: I'm so confident that this course will get you reaching your defensive handgun goals faster than any other program out there, I'm ALSO giving you a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee! That's right, if after the first 60-Days of following the program you aren't faster, more accurate and more confident with your defensive shooting skills, send me an email and I'll give you a no-questions-asked refund. 
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